Thursday, February 2, 2012

January 2012 Fitness Review

January was a good month for me. I put in good number of miles, I ran my first ever trail race (a real killer) and jamming my toe so hard that it turned a very pretty shade of purple.

So let’s look at the numbers




Run 71 37 61
Walk 0 0 15
Cycle 0 44 10

Like last year I am in full training for a marathon in May (a 1/2 in April), but I am already twice the miles. I have also started doing my LSD run over trails with lots of hills. I think this will help a lot with my endurance, plus it is a lot of fun.

Here is my month to month chart:


My monthly running numbers just keep going up, but at a good pace. I did take a week off of running when I jammed my toe during the Wilson Creek Frozen 10M. I glad to say that it is healing very nicely and after a week of staying off it, I am back at running again (with only minor pain). My bigger concern is my plantar fasciitis. My heal will feel fine during the week and even after trail runs, but after street runs, it hurts. I need to figure out how to permanently heal it so it won’t bother me any more. Time for some research.

Happy Running!

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