Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl–Smoked Chicken Roll

This recipe is a modification of one my brother does for Christmas. In his recipe, he uses a turkey and sausage where I use a chicken and bacon. There isn’t really a formal recipe but I will cover how I made mine. Step one is to get your whole chicken:


Now the fun part begins, you have to debone the chicken.For this you will need a good knife. Don’t bother going to your knife draw. In stead go to your fishing gear (or the sporting goods section of your store) and get a fillet knife. These knives are super sharp and flexible so they make deboning easier.I like to start with the wings. I cut of the last two segments (not enough meat on them make the effort worth it. For the remaining wing bone, debone it all the way up to joint and then cut out the bone. Once the wings are done, then move to the legs. Make a cut along the leg bone down to the bone and then cut the meat away from the bone. Remember the goal of deboning the chicken is to end with one piece of chicken that is all meat and no bones. From here you just keep cutting away form the bone all the meat. Be careful at the back.There is not a lot of meat there so be careful to not cut through the skin.

One deboned chicken.

Now, do not through those bones away. Use them to make chicken stock (and if you don’t have time right away to make the stock, put them in a freezer bag and freeze them until you do have time.)

Now lay out the deboned chicken, skin side down. You might want to butterfly the breast to make it a little less bulky and easier to roll. Sprinkle the chicken with a good seasoning. Then lay down a layer of bacon so that the bacon goes from the dark meat to the white meat. No lay the port tender-loin across the bacon, between the white and dark meat. now roll up the chicken around the pork tenderloin, starting with the white meat side. Finally tie the roll up.

I did two chicken rolls

At this point, you should place the roll in flavorful brine for a few hours, but I didn’t have time so I skipped that step.  Finally you place the roll in your smoker until the center reaches 170.

Chicken Roll in the smoker

Let it set for a few minutes before cutting it.

The final product

This chicken roll takes a bit of work but it is so good. It is definitely worth the effort.

Happy Eating.

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