Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Will Run For Pancakes

This last Friday, some people organized a group training run at a local trail system. The plan was to meet at 6pm, run till midnight and then go to IHOP for pancakes. I like the idea of joining the group run and I love any run where there is food at the end. I also decided to try out taking S-Caps during the run. I have yet to take such things during a run as I felt I would getting enough salt from my food. However, with the resent heat wave, I have started to wonder. (Please note, I did not take any of the following pictures so thanks to all who did and shared with me.)

The brave few that started at 6pm

When I arrived at 5:30, the temperature was a sweltering 98 degrees (according to my car). A quick look around and I realized we would be running where there were no trees. This was going to be a very hot run. Other runners choose to join the running later, after it cooled off a little (like to 90). A 4.1 mile loop was mapped out for us and people had brought large containers of water for people to share. 

The hot path

With the sun beating down on us, the first lap was torture. I was so hot after the first lap that I was thinking about finding some shade and waiting until the temperature dropped a bit.

Coming in from the first lap. Very hot and with my Nathan's Pack.

Fortunately, fate stepped in. It turns out that I had forgot my PF inserts for my shoes and since I had never run in the shoes without them, I was starting to develop a blister on my heal. Since I really did want to run and I only lived 15 minutes away, I drove home and got my inserts. By the time I got back and was ready to head out, my friend Martha was coming in. Turns out even though she started the same time I did,  this was her first lap as she made a wrong turn and did some bonus miles. Since we are about the same pace, we decided to run together. This turned out to be a great thing as it was nice to have someone to talk to during the run.

Martha and Me having too much fun

I also decided to ditch the Nathan's Pack and use my Simple Hydration bottle, since there was water every 4.1 miles. I think the S-caps really helped and I shared them with Martha. But the thing that probably helped the most was the cloud cover that rolled in about the time I got back from getting my inserts. It was still in the 90s, but the sun was not beating down on us.

Ready for the night part of the run.

During our third (and final) lap, we were blessed with a lightening storm. The storm was a long ways away so we could just enjoy the flashes of light. It was really cool since it was dark (we were running with head lamps).  Fortunately the storm did not last very long and by the time we finished the last lap, the sky was starting to clear up. (The moon rise was so cool looking.)

Mmm, Pancakes.

Afterwards, we all headed for pancakes at IHOP. Surprisingly enough, they are not very busy at midnight. Over all it was a great time and I got to run on new trails (new to me that is) and hang out with some great friends.

So in review:

First run using S-Caps: I really think this helped me a lot. Going to keep using them (especially on really hot runs)

First night run: This went ok. Not really into night running as I could no see the contour of the trail and was afraid I would twist my ankle. Need more work here (and maybe a more directional head lamp).

First group run: I had a blast. It was definately better when you have someone your own pace to run with.

Oh, and I managed 12.5 miles. 

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  1. Great write up Mike!! Glad you came out, I was a weenie and started just before 8 when some of the heat had passed :D