Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012 Pickled Feet 24/12 hour run

The idea of a race where the time is set and you see how far you can run is new concept for me, but I like it. I was schedule to run 20 miles that day anyway so I figured I would sign up for the 12 hour and see if I can do a 50K (and become an ultra-runner).
The pickled feet 24/12 hour run turned out to be a great event. I can't say the weather was perfect for the 24 hour runners as it rained the first 3 hours of the start, but for my run, the weather was nice. I even got a sun burn (you can call me a "red neck" now).
The 12 hour race started at 6am and it was dark then.
Coupled with the rain the night before and this made for a very interesting first time to be off road running in the dark. It was very hard to see the mud spot and for the first lap. However, after two laps the sun was up enough that we didn't need the head lamps any more. I ran for most of the first 15 miles, but after that, I started walking.
The sun was up, the was a little bit of a breeze, over all it was a very nice day for the race. I got to meet a lot of people and every one of them was absolutely wonderful. Many of them were doing 70+ miles (24 hour runners) but when they found out I was an Ultra virgin, they were encouraging and supportive. No attitudes here. It was great meeting old and new running friends (Thanks Wayne for "not" pacing me a lap). I did spend a couple of laps "chasing some skirt" (A guy by the name of Robbie was wearing a hula skirt.)
I will add that with just 15 minutes left in the race, wind picked up and blew like you would not believe.
So what was the damage from my first 50K?
Well, after the race my feet where hurting (but no blisters), my thighs were stiff, I have a nice sunburn on my neck, and I was tired. Not bad for a first ultra. I ran a total of 32.5 miles in 9.5 hours. Plus, as a finisher, I recieved a very special metal in the shape of a foot, very cool. I look forward to next year when I plan on doing the 24 hour run.

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