Monday, January 10, 2011

The Final Push: Week One

As stated in my New Years Goals, I plan on using 60 pounds this year. In fact, I am currently in a bet to see who can lose 40 pounds first. For me, the biggest issue I have in weight control is my eating. I tend to eat when I am stressed, eat when I am board, eat for comfort, and generally just eat. To help with with this, I have started logging everything I eat and tracking my calories. I am using a web site (and iPhone app) called Lose It!. So, enough of the suspense build up. Let’s find out how I did.

Starting Weight: 268.8

Ending Weight: 261.0

Net gain/loss: –7.8

Not bad for my first week. Here is how I did with my eating eating:


Now to be honest, I was sicker than a dog (why do we say this? How often are dogs sick?)  on Wednesday and I tried write everything down but probably missed some stuff. And Saturday and Sunday both included buffets (it was a wedding) and I just took a guess at the calories I ate. Tuesday was just a rough day as my old habits kicked back in. I did go over my allotment of calories that day by 98.

As for my exercise, it was a little skimpy last week on a count of this really nice cold my sister in-law gave me. (I think she did it on purpose as she is also in on the bet.)


At least I got up and danced during the reception. The running was done on Monday before this sickness really hit me. I ran for 2.25 miles on a treadmill. I think I was starting to get sick then because my body just died running that.  I would be worried about my Marathon (now 17 weeks away) but my training program is 16 weeks. I figure I will give my body to slowly come back to working out hard this week and then hit the schedule full bore next week. I will keep you posted on my running/workout schedule.

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