Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meridian Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting

Last weekend was the Boise Christmas Parade and Tree lighting. This weekend was the City of Meridian Christmas Parade and Tree lighting. (Meridian is a suburb of Boise which was named 1 of the best 100 cities for young people.) Although we didn’t get up in time for the Boise parade, we did make it for the Meridian parade (and since we live in Meridian, we had less distance to travel).

101_2080 We staked out a place in front of Main Street Burger (great burgers!). This is at the end of Main street and thus near the end of the parade.


Here is the start of the parade. It was a little snowy but still a nice day for a parade.


I got a laugh out this. Apparently Miss Meridian is someone in a dog costume.

101_2085 101_2086

Now I found this set up a little wrong. Why does the Woman of the Year get the Corvette while the Man of the Year gets the Fiesta? There is just something totally wrong with this picture. And I wasn’t the only man to notice this injustice.

101_2087 There were lots of pretty girls on horses.


And lots of old cars. I liked how they dressed this one up.


And a few dance groups. The only thing really missing was a marching band.


Spiderman made a special appearance.


And lots of floats.


And what is a parade without a garbage truck? Seriously, why did SSC entered a garbage truck, with a bow on it? How does this make a float? WTH? At least they washed it before the parade.


At first I thought this was a walking turd but my wife informed me that is was a coffee bean since it has an ad for a coffee place on the back.


And at the end of the parade came Santa. I loved his “rain deer”. Looks like Rudolph has been upgraded with more horse power. We had a great time at the parade.

Later that night was the Meridian Tree Lighting. Not having a park big enough down town, they blocked off a section of a street.


There were lots of different groups that sang Christmas Chorals. The only down side was that the microphones didn’t seam to work as I had trouble hearing them.

101_2128 Seeing them was not a problems as they had setup a Jumbo-Tron!!!!

101_2129 Here we are all bundled up for the tree lighting. And for the record, I love my cap and scarf. My mom made it for me and the scarf is 10 feet long.

101_2132 They had a very special guest to turn on the lights, Santa himself.


And finally the tree. It was a grand day of Christmas festivities.

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