Sunday, November 28, 2010

City of Boise Christmas Tree Lighting

101_2057On Saturday, November 27, the City of Boise had it’s official Christmas tree lighting. My wife and I had planned to attend the Holiday parade earlier that morning, but since we didn’t wake up until 9am (and the parade started at 9:45), we decided to watch it on the TV from the warmth and comfort of our bed. The tree lighting was at night, so we did manage to get up and downtown in time for it. 

We found a pre-pay lot (instead of using the city garage) that was only two blocks from where the festivities were taking place.  A good crowd turned out for the lighting and there was even live music. 101_2056 It was a little cold out and the Moxie Java there was doing a banner business selling coffee. I was very impressed with the two baristas working as they managed to keep up with the huge line. IMG_0135 At the tree lighting, they were handing out these candles that we were supposed to have lit for the tree lighting. It was nice that they were free. It was pretty neat to see everyone with the lit candles standing around the big tree. As we were standing around waiting for the tree lighting, apparently the mayor walked by us and according to my wife, almost hit me. But since 1) I didn’t see him and 2) he didn’t actually hit me, I didn’t really care. As you can see, my wife had all the required equipment for the event: her candle, her coffee and her cell phone. She made me hold her candle while she took my picture, which is why I have two of them. 

It was rather funny that they kept asking everyone to give a big round of applause only we were all holding a lit candle, making clapping a little difficult. In the end, the lights where turned on and the tree was rather nice.


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